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Latest Reviews
  • polferis - 09-04-2021 8:02:23 am
    Users who continue to add wrong links will be banned.
  • kameon - 09-04-2021 5:32:20 am
    3 /10
    The pilot is not great. The pace of the episode seemed off as nothing really stood out.
  • mangoee - 09-04-2021 1:54:49 am
    Excellent ! Must viewing by all....sigh
  • D3vin1979 - 09-04-2021 12:42:49 am
    8 /10
    Patrick Brammal brought this show from Australia since he decided to work more jobs in the U.S.. This adaptation from the original is just as funny as the Aussie comedy. Good to see that it's back since 2019 was the last filming year due to the pandemic.
  • KurtHefner - 09-04-2021 12:06:53 am
    9 /10
    this is the show scyfy has made in years. talk about perfect casting. Alan Tudyk is just funny as hell. this kinda reminds me of that 90's show, 3th rock from the sun.
  • KurtHefner - 08-04-2021 11:54:17 pm
    6 /10
    this ain't bad. got some nice action scenes an some good actors. just the music is somethimes a little bit cheesy for me.... but i can understand why they do it.... the younger (netflix generation)viewers love that stuff
  • HRRoach - 08-04-2021 10:26:53 pm
    In 2010, the Skeptical Inquirer published a detailed three-year study by Ryan Shaffer and Agatha Jadwiszczok that examined Browne's predictions about missing persons and murder cases. Despite her repeated claims to be more than 85% correct, the study reported that "Browne has not even been mostly correct in a single case." The study compared Browne's televised statements about 115 cases with newspaper reports and found that in the 25 cases where the actual outcome was known, she was completely w
  • HRRoach - 08-04-2021 10:23:03 pm
    Browne cultivated a large following. In 2007, she had a four-year waiting list for readings by telephone. That same year, hundreds of people joined Browne on a cruise, each paying thousands of dollars for psychic readings.[2] Many of her books became staples on The New York Times Best Seller list.[1] Browne attracted media attention seven years after her death, when social media users claimed that a prediction in her 2008 book End of Days referred to the COVID-19 pandemic (she claimed "a severe
  • prymetyme - 08-04-2021 10:13:54 pm
    1 /10
    Wrong, it's Covid-30 as Covid-19 was predicted by Sylvia Browne: "In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments--then reappear ten years later."
  • xjeepx - 08-04-2021 3:36:50 pm
    10 /10
    Domhnall Gleeson and Brian (Breen)Gleeson are brothers in real life this is going to be Hilarious 2 really good Irish actors and its also filmed in the same part of Ireland where my parents live ,,unusual for these guys to act together cause one of them is a serious actor and the other is known in Ireland for his comedy ,,its not filmed in the untitled states its filmed in Ireland its an all Irish cast as well so that needs to be amended
  • JackDeth - 08-04-2021 1:46:31 pm
    6 /10
    As much as I love hot Asian chicks and anything martial arts or combat sports related.....this first episode is wayyyy too much CW and not enough of what it could be. I will still watch another episode and see if it gets better
  • Dyslogix - 08-04-2021 12:08:52 pm
    I'm always hunting for new progs to fill the gaps of the series that have been cancelled or just become yawn-worthy, and being sceptical of this i wasn't too sure. After reading the new reviews, i'll give this a look in :) I'm a massive martial art fan anyway.
  • Dawnsong00 - 08-04-2021 11:37:14 am
    9 /10
    Alot better than expected.
  • HRRoach - 08-04-2021 10:55:59 am
    @av007 Ignore the troll, anyone who uses viewership for a series that has not even aired let alone viewed in their argument is a loat cause.
  • HRRoach - 08-04-2021 10:51:45 am
    @BillyReed Isn't he a bit old to be a paper boy? I guess you come from a long line of under achievers then dumbass.
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